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The State Ministry of Works is working to ensure that the S.M.A.R.T agenda of the Governor as it concerns provision of sustainable infrastructural development is actualized. The Ministry is pivotal to the success of the S.M.A.R.T Agenda in the sense that without the construction of good quality roads, all aspects of the different developmental programmes cannot be accessed. For instance, to access schools, health facilities an d so on, there must be good road. Based on the above, the Ministry is constructing roads and drainage across the State for easy evacuation of agricultural produce to various markets.


To build a well planned, integrated and sustainable transport network with effective inter-modal linkages to facilitate socio-economic transformation and development.


All public Works including;

  • Construction and maintenance of State Government Roads, Bridges and Drains;
  • Airport Development;
  • Explosives;
  • Construction and Maintenance of Sewerage and Drainage Channels;
  • Consultancy and Supervision of Civil Engineering projects of other MDAs;
  • Liaising with Federal Government and MDAs on Civil Engineering and other related matters.


The Ministry of Works has seven departments as indicated below:

.           Highways;

.           Urban and Rural Roads (Central);

.           Urban and Rural Roads (North);

.           Urban and Rural Roads (South);

.           Planning, Research and Statistics;

.           Finance and Accounts;

.           Administration.

The Ministry has six Zonal Offices headed by Chief Engineers in Asaba, Warri, Ughelli, Agbor, Sapele and Oleh.  There are also field offices in each of the twenty-five Local Government headquarters in the State.


The policy target of the Ministry include:-

.           To increase the length of all-weather roads in the State from the estimated current level of 3580km to a minimum target total functional road length of 5000km through the construction of new roads and maintenance/rehabilitation of existing roads;

.           transformation of urban centres through the provision of a good road network, drainage systems and walkways to enhance effective flow of human and material traffic;

.           provision of access roads in the rural areas to enhance socio-political and economic development;

.           integration of remote, rural and riverine communities to urban centres through the construction of roads and bridges;

.           provision of effective drainage systems that will protect road networks and prevent flooding;

.           effective maintenance of the road network, bridges, culverts, and drains;

.           provision of shoreline protection works against flooding and erosion.

.           Acquire hydrological data for Conception, design, Construction and Management of Civil Engineering Infrastructure.

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